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When life gives you lemons, you make limoncello. 2020 is the year that no one anticipated, and evolution was truly the key to my survival. This industry is filled with equal parts planning and adaptability, and transitioning my fitness business and acting career to a virtual space was the best gift this year had to offer. For the first time ever, the entire world was forced to reconsider a new way of interacting and conducting business. As a voracious learner, this created an opportunity to learn from seasoned actors, managers, and teachers from all over the country. This year also provided an opportunity for me to add "filmmaker" to my multi-hyphenate title. This unexpected addition has turned into a new area of interest not only to understand life behind the camera, but to share my writing and leadership skills. This year went by much faster than expected, but I am looking forward to moving to Atlanta in January 2021. To prepare for this transition, I am seeking representation in the LA and/or Atlanta markets.

Representation: Bankston Talent Agency, Texas and New Mexico

Unexpected Visitor

Melissa Sledge

"Melissa" is a short film written and produced by Melissa Sledge. This film showcases a snippet of her world while quarantining alone in 2020.

"Date Me" is a short film in post production.
"Date Me" is a comedy based on the challenges of online dating. Fellow CHAS Conservatory student, Jeanette Junco joins Melissa in her second short film.

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