I was wrapping up multiple films and anticipating singing with a choir at Carnegie Hall when the pandemic hit Texas. In mid March I finished up a scene for a film and drove home to shelter-in-place with my family of four including my daughters age 3 and 6. Overnight I became a stay-at-home mom, a preschool teacher, and a zoom proctor for my first grader. I learned to balance taking care of my family's needs with my acting conservatory work, graphic design work, remote voice lessons, and volunteer committee work. Despite all of this I attended every class and completed all syllabus assignments of my CHAS Conservatory year. My growth in my artistry remained a priority and my classes became a mainstay during a season of uncertainty and constantly shifting responsibilities.

Working within physical limitations and time limitations developed my muscles of concentration and imagination as well as my ability to tackle homework and tapings within tighter timeframes. I learned to prioritize and to be adaptable and intentional with my time and homework while balancing the needs of my family, clients, and classmates.

My CHAS Conservatory year dug deeply into character development, acting mentality, and authentic connection with my scene partners. I created content by writing my first script and learned about the filming process behind the camera. I further developed my speaking and singing voice. I delved into dramatic improvisation and commercial technique, and I'm continuing to explore my beliefs and capabilities day by day with "The Artist's Way".

I'm looking forward to continuing my training at CHAS and auditioning for films, television, and theatre in Texas and beyond. I am currently seeking representation in Texas/New Mexico in 2021 as my primary target and would love to connect with agents in the Southeast and L.A. markets. I am beyond grateful to Carol, my instructors, my CHAS 2020 classmates, and to my husband and playful girls who continue to support my art and the call to tell authentically human stories.

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Paige Freeman

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